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ProCellEx® is a next-generation recombinant protein expression system that uses advanced genetic engineering and plant (carrot and tobacco) cell culture technology instead of the traditional mammalian- or yeast-based systems, enabling the production of a wide range of complex, proprietary and biologically equivalent human proteins to address a variety of diseases. Our novel bioreactor system, based on disposable plastic bags, is the first of its kind. The closed system provides stable, optimized conditions, with manufacturing capabilities for the entire range of proteins, including antibodies, complex enzymes, and plant-derived pharmaceuticals.


ProCellEx is the engine behind our broad pipeline of biotherapeutic candidates, which is led ELELYSO™(taliglucerase alfa), which was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in May 2012 and, subsequently, by the regulatory authorities of other countries. Elelyso is the first FDA-approved plant cell-based recombinant therapeutic protein. Our plant cell-based approach has the potential to enable the penetration of certain patent-protected markets, thus expanding our product opportunities.