Orally Delivered Proteins

Orally Delivered Proteins
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Orally Delivered Proteins

A solution for oral delivery of proteins has been a long sought-after aspiration of the biopharmaceutical industry.

Orally delivered proteins provide more convenient drug administration than some of the current delivery options for proteins, which include intravenous infusions and intra-muscular and subcutaneous injections. An oral delivery solution is expected to result in better patient compliance along with increased quality of life.

To date, efforts have been met with very limited success due to the inability of proteins to survive the gastric environment of the digestive tract and to act only in the intestine. There is a need for a safe, non-invasive method for continuous delivery of protein therapeutics.

Oral delivery of protein therapies produced through the ProCellEx® platform can be made possible due to the unique cellulose wall of plant cells that makes them resistant to degradation when passing through the digestive tract. The plant cell can serve as a natural vehicle for oral administration.

OPRX-106 is an oral anti-Tumor Necrosis Factor (anti-TNF) candidate, currently in a phase II  clinical trial for inflammatory bowel diseases.